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Sex + Young Girls: Mixed Message Roundup

It's been an especially banner week for the sexualization of very young girls in the service of consumerism. Do I even need, at this point, to write about how damaging it is to a young woman to be offered such a narrow vision of what it means to be a sexual person? That presenting very young women in this manner only fuels the belief that they are fair game for men? That most of this warped mixed messaging is done in the name of selling shitty shoes, shitty shirts and even shittier music?

Miley Cyrus at the Teen Choice Awards
It's weird enough that everyone's favorite virgin does a classic stripper drop around a big shiny pole while singing her song "Party in the USA." Weirder still is that said pole is attached to a colorful kiddie ice cream truck. As an aside–and this may be so wrong of me to say–but she's such a fail in the sexy department, she actually makes me miss Britney. If you can't see the video above, click here.

Hollister T-shirts
The latest in a long line of tacky clothing for, really, anyone. In the words of Jezebel:

'Young-trending mall brand Hollister e-mailed pictures of its new girls t-shirts, which the chain calls "Hot and funny." We call slogans like "LEGAL-ISH" and "The twins are quite a handful," marketed at 15-year-olds, gross and inappropriate.'

Candies' new abstinence campaign
This is the winner of a contest to design a catchy new slogan. "I'm sexy enough to keep you waiting" ?!? I don't even know what that means! The Candie's Foundation's mission is "to educate America’s youth about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy through celebrity PSA campaigns and initiatives" which consists entirely of the same old worthless abstinence-only scare tactics. It's important for America's Youth have the tools to say no to unwanted sex. But hey - there is another way to say no to unwanted pregnancy, too: Being taught to use contraception correctly.

And in other news...
In order to end a spate of bad luck, and on the advice of his fengshui master, a Chinese man set out to sleep with 100 virgin schoolgirls. Over the course of two years he raped 36 girls, of which six were under the age of 14, and the youngest was only 12. Described as a "former member of China's national legislature and once wealthy entrepreneur from Henan province," he was recently executed by lethal injection for his crimes.