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"thirtysomething": sexist or something?

This is from a guest post I did for the wonderful blog Girl With Pen. You can click here to read the whole story.

There’s been a recent outpouring of hype now that thirtysomethings first season is finally out on DVD. I loved the show because it reflected my own life at the time as a young single career gal surrounded by married and breeding friends. But the mirror it held up to me was warped and disturbing in a way I just couldn’t put my finger on … until I read Susan Faludi’s critique of the show in her 1991 book Backlash

In ‘thirtysomething,’ a complete pantheon of backlash women is on display–from blissful homebound mother to neurotic spinster to ball-busting single career woman. The show even takes a direct shot at the women’s movement: the most unsympathetic character is a feminist.

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