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Viral Virgin Shaming

I've been avoiding posting on this video that came up in my daily 'virgin' Google News search a few days ago. But now that it's absolutely everywhere, here's my two cents:

A 56-year-old woman, testifying at a school board hearing on sex ed, is cut off because her topic had actually been discussed the day before. Unfortunately, in the course of her testimony she makes the point that kids should be taught they can be sexually satisfied without removing their clothes – and then admits to being a 56-year-old virgin to, I guess, show she knows of what she speaks.

I'm not sure why she was possessed by such a need to overshare, but I imagine she never expected video of her testimony to be sent all over the world. The poor woman's speech has gone crazy viral and it makes me sick and sad that she's now an object of ridicule. Maybe if she had suddenly burst into an Andrew Lloyd Weber song, it would have made things better, but no such luck.