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And if the Artificial Hymen is sold out...

As a follow-up to the controversy over Egyptian clerics calling for severe punishment for users of a device called the Artificial Hymen, the blog The Sexist reports on another virginity-faking device:

...patented in the United States by Shahram Shawn Omrani of Passaje, N.J. The product, called the Condom Simulating Virginity consists of a flexible, open-ended sheath (like your regular Trojan), but is outfitted with an additional burstable pouch “containing a red colored fluid simulating blood.”

The idea is that the secret pouch of blood is made of a thinner material than the rest of the condom, so that when penetration occurs it ruptures. The secret is that the condom is a dark color so that you can't see the blood capsule hidden in the tip.

This makes no sense. Is the woman supposed to trick her husband into wearing this on their wedding night? It's hard enough getting a guy to wear a condom, especially when your first priority is to give birth to a son. How does she even explain that she just happened to have this odd-colored condom on hand for this special occasion.

Or is he in on it, in which case why go to all that trouble? There are easier ways to fake bleeding if your husband agrees that the whole thing is a crazy crock of shit.

As I wrote in the previous post, in some cultures it's so dangerous to not bleed in your wedding night, even virgins get surgery to make sure they bleed on penetration.