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Books We Want: If only for their covers...

I came across this fantastic vintage Harlequin Romance cover via the blog Shuffling Through A Book-less Desert who writes:

This one caught my attention, not only because of the title – virgins in titles back in the 50s! – but because of the cover art. The colors in the background caught my eye, but then I realized that those butterflies were a little...strange. Disembodied heads with butterfly wings sprouting out of their ears! Who in the art department thought that was a good idea?

Woah...looks like our heroine is having a bad acid trip to me. "Virgin with Butterflies" is one of a series of re-issues of old Harlequin titles. Here's the description of the book on Harlequin's website:

She's a smooth blonde with enough real glamour not to need makeup—especially when she's in tight white satin. She's honest and sort of naïve, but she knows how to get a man or get rid of a wolf.

She's a cigarette girl in a spot just off Chicago's loop, but she's about to start really going places. As she goes, she collects an Indian raja, an amorous sheikh and a mysterious gentleman reputed to be the Rockefeller of Burma. These gents are after something, chasing the gal around the world to get it, and it ain't hay. That's where her butterflies come in—they flutter hard, warning her when she's scared or propositioned, and they're working overtime. Effectively?—read the book and find out.

Wait - men cast a net for her? Isn't she casting a net for them? They're butterflies, after all, and those garters do say 'I know how to get a man." She's got the whole classic virgin/whore/tease thing going for her. Or at least her illustrator does. Anyway, I don't think I want to read the book, but a poster of the cover would be awesome!