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Tina Fey on being a virgin until 24:"I couldn't give it away." Somehow we doubt that.

If you can't see the video above, try this.

Tina Fey had a funny bit with David Letterman the other night about her loss of virginity at the age of 24. He read a list of names of 'older virgins' which included her, Brooke Shields and Adriana Lima.

Fey pointed out the difference between her and them was that their virginity was optional (they were both gorgeous models), but in Fey's case she had no offers due to what she called her 'homely' appearance.

Sort of hard to believe given how many horndogs out there would be happy to have sex with anything that stays still long enough. More likely was that Fey was more discerning than she let on. I waited until I was 23, not from lack of offers (three month backpacking trip to Europe at age 19 provided plenty) but because those offers came from gross Australian hostel workers.

So while there were probably opportunities for Fey, especially in comedy world, they were probably with, well, people in the comedy world. She met her husband at 24 and the rest is history.