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UPDATE: Does she have to type 60 words per minute, too?

"The woman did not provide the necessary qualifications"

–Reason a Turkish court gave to annul a marriage, regarding a husband's claim that his wife was not a virgin on their wedding night.

Despite the fact that she obtained a certificate of virginity from a Gynecological Hospital, and won a counter-suit for divorce in Family Court, the case was overturned on appeal in favor of the husband. There appeared to be no evidence against her except her husband's oral statement. No word on whether he was qualified to be a husband.

Update from the blog Kamil Pasha via Jen:

80% of Turkish women agree that women should be virgins when they marry! This according to the 2008 Population and Health Report carried out by Hacettepe University.

However, only 8% thought women should not work, and only 12% agreed that educating a male child is always better than educating a female child.