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Check out our new trailer!

We're so excited to share our latest trailer for the documentary "How To Lose Your Virginity." Please forward, tweet, and post it widely to all your friends!

We recently showed it at the Paley Docfest's Pitching Workshop in New York, where it was a huge hit with the audience and a panel of TV execs. The biggest question from the crowd was "When can we see the finished film?" The answer is we're working hard on it, but we need your support to finish shooting and editing so we can get it out there.

If you read the blog and want to see the film get done, please take a minute to support the project. Donating is easy and tax-deductible! Simply click here and scroll down to "The American Virgin.*"

Film making is an expensive undertaking, and we know things are tight for everyone, so all contributions of any size would be awesome. If you donate $200 or more, we'll put your name in the final credits! And remember, if you do it in the next two days, you can make it a 2009 tax deduction!

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*We're working on the name transition, so bear with us! And don't worry if it looks like you're buying a video. You're not. Thanks again!