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Coke Zero's Amazing Re-Virginizing Effects

Coke Zero Commercial "The Morning After"

Thanks to Joanna for sending us a link to this video at always-fascinating Sociological Images. As far as I'm concerned, the commercial sucks at selling Coke Zero, but aside from that here's their analysis of the not-so-subtle gender and sexual dynamics of the film:

More than just another example of a product being marketed with hypermasculinity, this ad sends “…the message… that women’s sexuality is owned by the men with whom they interact…” The “hero” must erase all signs that he transgressed on the father’s property. Her “daddy” must not know. Clean and showered, the woman can greet her father in all innocence.

As Mar says it: …with all traces of sex duly washed away, she’s free to greet her father while pretending to be a virgin. Because for women, virginity: good; sex: bad. But if you’re a man: sticking around to meet the parents: bleah; sex: rawr; Coke Zero: arooooo.