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If you're in Boston, check out "Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk About Sex"

Thanks to Aggie, the newest member of the Trixie Films family, for finding this trailer for the documentary "Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk About Sex" by Melissa Tapper Goldman.

Melissa interviewed nine different women across America about their sexual feelings and experiences. We love anything that challenges the standard virgin/whore, slut/prude depictions of female sexuality and offers a more complex picture. From her website:

"Why do girls have sex? Pressure? Libido? Emotional dependence? I realized that I drew many assumptions from examples in media rather than from real life, since few of us ever hear such intimate details from anyone but our closest friends...

In an age of reality television, we hear a continuous stream of intimate personal narratives. But what “reality” television offers in exhibitionism, it lacks in dimensionality. Somehow in a sea of overexposure, images of real female sexuality, explored on their own terms, are still startlingly rare."

It's showing in the Boston area on Feb 4th. We're assuming it's a short, but the website doesn't say. For more info, click here.