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On Valentine's Day or any day: "Ask Me"

Check out this fun new short from my fellow Lady's Sexy Film League member, Nancy Schwartzman. She's the woman behind the new documentary The Line and its outreach campaign to end rape and sexual assault.

One of The Line's fab interns Carmen Rios did a post on Feministing about the video "Ask Me" and the campaign's goals. Top of the list?:

...asking activists and survivors everywhere the same question: "where is your line?" We're hoping to use that model to inspire people everywhere to set and respect boundaries, be open and communicate with their partners, and ask for consent in all kinds of sexual situations...

...The fundamental vision of THE LINE Campaign is to create a culture where people are comfortable talking about their own sexualities, whether they're single, hooking up, dating, or married. The longer we delay talking about sex, relationships, and even sexual violence, we continue to repress the sexualities of all people everywhere.

What do women want for Valentine's Day? The Line gals say: "Dialogue and respect, and to be asked" which is true whether you're sexually active or not. And I say chocolate is always nice, too.