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And the award for using the worst gender stereotypes to teach sex ed goes to...

We're loving Shelby Knox's new Tumblr blog This Is Misogyny which she describes as:

"Pictures and quotes that exemplify misogyny in modern culture, including but not limited to objectification of women, glorification of rape culture, sexualization of girls and young women, transmysogyny and transphobia, and images that propagate the beauty myth. Why? Because staying silent never changed anything."

Her latest post is on a video created by Sex Really, a project of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. We first saw it at the Sex::Tech conference last weekend in San Francisco. Even though it got a big laugh, many of us were disturbed and weirded out by it. Shelby was the first one to tweet her disgust and it ended up generating a lot of conversation all weekend.

If you haven't watched it yet, have a look and see what you think. For me, the most disturbing part is having to experience so much gross misogyny in the service of one jokey payoff line. It's like doing an anti-racism PSA of which 97% is a bunch of white folks using the most vile racist language.

Here's what Shelby has to say:

"If you teach sex education on the ground for any amount of time you know one of the biggest challenges is getting young people to unlearn gender stereotypes around sex.

If you don’t know the ones I’m talking about, Sex Really has done a pretty good job of laying them out as fact: men are pigs with raging hormones that can only process sex on a Neanderthal level. They sit around and demean women because they lack the emotional capacity to have substantive relationships. And women are too stupid, or so focused on “catching a man,” that they don’t even notice their dude’s a d-bag."

She goes on to add that Sex Really is headed up by Laura Sessions Stepp:

"rape apologist and virginity crusader extraordinaire. Her work has riled up the feminist community before over her hysteria-inducing case study passed off as research on the “hookup culture” and the ridiculous idea of “gray rape.”

Seeing the video gave me one of my great epiphanies about the Sex::Tech conference: Not everyone there was a feminist. I guess the fact that there was one session called "I'm a Feminist Sex Educator" should have given me a clue to that (there are other kinds of progressive sex educators?) but it was still a weird lesson to learn.

A lot of people at the conference thought the video was really funny. The creators even said it showed that feminism and humor don't mix(!) Yikes. What do you think?