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This Tuesday in NYC: I'll be reading at Abiola's Kiss & Tell

If you're in the New York area this Tuesday, please join me and a group of totally fabulous people for a fun and free evening of readings on love, sex and dating – and champagne cocktails.

This is my first-ever (some might say 'virgin') reading, so I'd love your support. I'll be telling a story that didn't make it into my doc How I Learned to Speak Turkish* It is, of course, about virginity and all I can say is the Goddess made me do it. If you want to know more, please come on out and say hi!

Abiola did a fun interview with me here, and there are more details about the event and the other speakers here. TimeOut NY writes about it here.

The Line-Up: (in no specific order) Twanna Hines the Funky Brown Chick, filmmaker Therese Shechter of Trixie Films, Modern Courtesan Yolanda Shoshana, Sara Benincasa of Cosmo Sirrius Radio, comic David Lester, Boy Butter creator Eyal Feldman, Lesbian Activist and Writer Renair Amin, Danielle Henderson of Knotty Yarn and Mia "On Top" Martina, erotic podcaster

The Details
Tuesday March 16, from 7-10pm Madame X, 94 West Houston Street, New York FREE with $6 champagne cocktails

*Here's a trailer from the film to get you in the mood: