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What did you do on Prom Night? Leave us a comment!

Face it: Love it or hate it, do it or skip it, Prom is an American rite of passage (like that other thing we write about a lot).

Do you have a Prom Night story to share? Tell us!

Did you make your own pretty pink dress? Did you decide to go at the last minute with a big group of friends? Did the school give you a hard time because your date was the same gender as you? Did you lose your virginity to the captain of the football team? Did you go with your cousin? Did you go with your gay boyfriend like Trixie did? Did you trash the gym after someone dumped pig's blood on you?

We want to hear all about it! Leave us a comment below and we'll incorporate your answers into a video of what really happens on prom night. If you want inspiration or aggravation, read this story about a high school that canceled prom rather than let a lesbian couple attend!

We've written about prom garters here and prom movies here, and check out this list of most unrealistic Movie Proms ever.

You can leave text, photos or a video - use your real name or stay anonymous. We're looking forward to hearing from you! (And tell your friends).

UPDATE: Thanks to our Vancouver correspondent (the one in the fetching midnight blue number) for this awesome Prom portrait, circa 1986. Email us a your photo!