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Tonight's the Night*: Joss Whedon directs Glee. Neil Patrick Harris guest-stars.

A few weeks ago, in my somewhat-annoyed post on the virginity episode of Glee, I ended with this paragraph:

I've never warmed up to this show, and I have serious issues with the over-processed belted-out musical horrors it creates (this from a die-hard fan of musicals). My outrageous fantasy is It's been confirmed that one day Joss Whedon will direct an episode of Glee. Given that my favorite television virginity loss is Buffy and Angel, it would have been amazing to see him take this one on as well.

My prayers have been answered. Fox is airing the Whedon-directed episode tonight and Neil Patrick Harris guests as Scheuster's old glee club nemesis! Unfortunately, I'm halfway around the world and can't get Hulu. If anyone has other suggestions on how to watch it, please pass them on. Otherwise, I'll have to wait until the end of the month.

*Which was the song playing when James lost his virginity on the 1977-78 series James at 15. (It was renamed James at 16 as of the sex episode.) I don't know why I remember that, and yes I'm that old. Look for a future post all about James, and perhaps Doogie as well.