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How do YOU define the bases?

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Here at Trixie World HQ, we're immersed in our current fundraising campaign, which, you may have noticed, uses a lot of sexual 'base' terminology. One of our rewards is even called 'First Base.'

So, we got to wondering if the bases are defined the same way in all North American junior high schools, or whether Dufferin Heights had its own special Canadian take on the subject. For the record, our definition was:

First Base = Kissing ( with 1.5 as 'frenching,' that is, avec tongue)
Second Base = Above-the-waist contact
Third Base = Below-the-waist contact
Fourth Base = Intercourse, otherwise knows as 'Going All the Way," also one of our fundraising rewards!

As for oral sex, I don't think it was even in our consciousness at the time. But then we decided it was Fifth Base, because, you know, it was so gross who would do it? Ahhh, the innocent 70s.

I also asked the twitterverse to weigh in and here are a few of the responses:

@LoganLevkoff- depends who you ask/how old they are. my adolescence, second was=above waist touching, third = below waist. oral nonexistent.

@jaimealyse- 2nd: hands on boobs. 3rd: hands in pants. The modifier "sloppy" indicates a mouth is being used. I am 27, for what it's worth.

@TheUndomestic- Bases also go by "4 F" system - french, feel, finger, fuck. Thank you, 7th grade.

@katyhardy- Pretty much this: (the url to the awesome webcomic above)

So how about you? How do you define it?

For a brilliant take on the problems with this whole metaphor, please check out's "To Slide or to Slice? Finding a Positive Sexual Metaphor:"

Unlike pizza-eating, the game of baseball is a means to an end. The entire game is played for the purpose of arriving at the final score. But when we eat a pizza, the ultimate purpose is not to arrive at the goal of an empty box. The point of getting a pizza is how delicious it tastes. The activity itself is the goal. There isn't even a predetermined finishing point. The end comes when all participants feel personally satisfied. Pizza-eating has no main event equivalent to reaching home. The last bite isn’t necessarily better than the first.