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Urban Outfitters, we're not buying it (an update)

Update: The Frisky reports on more charming UO behaviour, like a girl's tee that says "Eat Less" (see below)...and a new Facebook group calls for a Girlcott of UO because of the tees, as well as the company's history of sexism and homophobia and just plain WTF-ness.

Urban Outfitters is selling these t-shirts. I understand that it's probably meant to be ironic and funny and appeal to their faux-hipsterish customers, but I just find it baffling. And gross. And ugly. Note to t-shirt design department: It's only funny when it's no longer an issue. The father/daughter virginity thing? Still an issue.

This comes via Feministing, where a commenter points out that the shirts have been reduced to $4.99 from $24. So maybe no one else thinks it's all that cool, either. Thanks to Shelby for the tweetcc.