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Why Shonda Rhimes isn't throwing a big white wedding

I'm a big fan of Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes. You know what I'm really not a big fan of? Chastity-based wedding rituals, ie big white dresses! So I had to share this, which comes via Women & Hollywood, who quotes Ask Ausiello (my italics emphasis):

The Question:
Any chance Shonda Rhimes will do an about-face and give Derek and Meredith a real wedding on Grey’s Anatomy? She backed down on her “no babies” stance, so I’m hoping maybe she changed her mind about the wedding thing too. A girl can dream.

Replies Shonda:
“I deeply appreciate the fans and how much they care about Meredith and Derek, but as a woman and a human being and the mother of a girl, I just feel like this idea that somebody in a big white dress is the be-all and end-all of human existence is a terrible message to send out,” maintains Rhimes.

“I felt like Meredith and Derek’s choice to be together becomes a marriage of equals as opposed to some faux fairy tale. And while I love a good wedding, I felt like for Meredith, it was so counter to who she is as a human being. And I love the fact that Derek doesn’t need her to do it. I get why the fans want it; I’d probably want it too if I was just watching. But I literally feel sick every time I think about Meredith in a big white poufy dress.”

No disrespect to big-white-dress-lovin' brides (like Izzie), but as someone who ended up wearing lime green and black at my wedding, I really appreciate Shonda's take on things. We did have some poufy white tulle on the dog, though. She wore my sister's recycled wedding hairpiece as a collar and looked quite fetching.