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A reader asks: Is it true that women aren't interested in older virgins? What do you think?

The question of whether it's true that "women do not want old virgins" recently showed up as a comment on a post. I thought I'd throw it out there for readers to weigh in on. I'm eager to hear what you think, so please contribute your thoughts in the comments. Here are my thoughts:

I'm not sure what the commenter means by 'old' and I don't know if this is directed to straight women only. Whatever the intent, I don't think any blanket statements like 'women do not want old virgins' are very useful. Some women like experienced partners, some don't have this preference. No matter what someone is looking for in a sexual relationship, needs and desires differ and can change over time.

From the letters and comments I read, my impression is that it's not the 'virginity' that's the issue. Things like lack of confidence, anger over anticipated rejection, and generally underdeveloped social skills – things which may result from having little experience with intimacy – are the things that might turn a potential partner off.

So, readers: What do you think? Is it your experience that women don't want older virgins? How about men? Is this limited to heterosexual sex or is it true across the spectrum? Let us know.