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All that free milk is ruining it for the rest of us!

"This city, the internet and the world at large is filled with single women looking for relationships and not succeeding for many reasons not the least of which is the availability of casual sex. Shame and guilt have their place in this world, they are functional and who the hell are you to liberate anyone of those powerful and functional emotions[...]

If you have no interest in seeing a person in the context of a relationship, you have no business engaging in sex with them–end of story."

Irate comment left by Jill, a reader of Em & Lo's 'Negotiating a Night of Casual Sex' who was unhappy about the column's apparent promotion of one night stands for women. The theory being that an over-abundant availability of said casual sex would make it impossible for good women to find men to have relationships with.

I'm confused. I thought that all the gals giving the milk for free would never be in relationships anyway. Their slutty, slutty ways would surely disqualify them from consideration by decent men, leaving the path wide and clear for Jill.