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V-Card Diaries UPDATE: Julie "I don't feel like penetrative sex is any sort of revelation to be put to sappy love music."

Today we're highlighting 22-year-old Julie, who initially wrote us back in January. She described herself like this: I'm going on 22 years old. I'm studying Physics and French. I was raised LDS (Mormon), and I still live in Utah.

I have a very high sex drive, and I think it's silly that even secularists act like women aren't sensual, are too "tired" all the time, etc., etc. Also, even though I no longer believe in a Prophet telling me when to say "no," that doesn't mean I'm just going to jump in bed with any schmuck, you know? I still believe in standards, just those that are more self-determined at this point.

The other day she sent this update to her First Person, so we're going to let her take it from here:

Well, I had sex, and have to admit, wonder what some of all the brouhaha is about (from both sides, religious & secular).

To be fair, I had an attentive partner, we'd been in a long-term relationship, I get a great deal of pleasure from many kinds of sexual activities . . . but c'mon, penises are not that dexterous, especially virgin penises. There tends to be screaming and awkwardness and not that much of, well, anything, at least from my novitiate's view.

The foreplay is lovely, of course, but I don't feel like penetrative sex is any sort of revelation to be put to sappy love music. My theory on life is that it improves in your 30s (more money, more mature, and better at sex). But I'm glad I did it, because hey, why not. I also decided that it's less the SEX part of sex that would make random hookups, well, problematic, but a lot of the other stuff. ("Um, hey, where's the bathroom?")

Chick lit books always seem to have decidedly non-virginal Latin lovers to bed you on random steely horizontal (or not!) surfaces, but I don't feel like less of a sexual being just because my experiences have been with an actuary on a bed.

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