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So apparently Frida Khalo never got down and dirty.

So I found this gem on the internet when I googled "How to Tell if a Girl is not a Virgin." I'm hoping we're not the only ones thinking of this "Mean Girls" moment while reading the article:

Myth #1: A non-virgin walks with her legs wider apart.

Myth #2: Hair between the eyebrows is gone after one loses her virginity.

Myth #3:A girls' fully-rounded backside suddenly flattens after she has sex.

Myth #4: A virgin's breasts point upwards.

Myth #5:One's breasts become larger after she loses her virginity.

Myth #6: A virgin's urine is clear and sparkling.

Myth #7: A girl who has done it before has "a certain kind of look" on her face.

Myth #8: A girl will definitely bleed when she has sex for the first time. If she doesn't, then she is lying about being a virgin.

As expected, the fact portion of this article refutes each of these myths. But we still think it might be fun to revirginize ourselves every time we drink a Big Gulp (see Myth #6).

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