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The more things change...

"We root for Peggy, but it's hard to imagine being Peggy. Or maybe not.

If we blame Peggy's distress entirely on her era, we risk missing the ways in which her situation is familiar. Girls may not have to withhold sex forever in order to get married, but dating guides still tell them not to give it up too early, lest their gentleman callers lose all respect for them. Fake virginity may be less common, but girls are still warned that participating in the "hook-up culture" will damage their prospects of finding love, and "virginity pledges" and "born-again virgins are not at all unheard of.

Last season, Peggy complained that a diet product for women was being sold using a male sexual fantasy—specifically, the sexual fantasy of being semi-melodically hollered at by Ann-Margret—and was told that women want to be whatever men want. We could tsk-tsk this old-fashioned attitude, or we could wonder how many female copywriters worked on this gem."

–Sady Doyle writing for The Atlantic on the sexism and misogyny of Mad Men and how much of it still holds true today. In fact, one of the (now former) female writers on the show says they base many of their vintage sexism story lines on experiences they've had in their own lifetimes.