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UPDATE 2: Hungarian virginity auctioneer takes it to TV

Update Aug. 26: After turning down a bidder from the UK because he wanted to marry her, Miss Spring (as she calls herself) and re-launched her auction on Hungarian TV station Tabu.

While local prosecutors are trying to decide whether the station will face criminal charges for prostitution, Tabu reps are denying they are acting as Miss Spring's pimps–or at least rationalizing the fact that they kind of actually are:

"I do not feel like her pimp," said presenter Mate Kocka, who is arranging the auction. "Yes, I know, soliciting yourself is a crime in Hungary. But it's classified as a mild breach of the law, and its punishment is only 100 000 HUF (290 GBP). Miss Spring knows that too and I suppose she'll pay for it from the sale price," he added.

No word on what Tabu is getting out of this deal, or why one of the many people cashing in on this spectacle (including UK bookies) doesn't just come forward and give Miss Spring the money she needs.

Update Aug. 13: The young woman auctioning her virginity has apparently rejected the winning bidder because he wants to marry her, saying: "I broke off with the British guy because he wanted to go too far. I'm not looking for a husband - I'm doing this for my family."

Also she's 17, not 18 and has responded to her numerous critics with: "Since the media frenzy started, a lot of people have called me a martyr or a slut. I am neither. I am just a girl who wants to have a better future, who wants to take care of her family."

I'm starting to really like her.

Here's the original post:

Another virginity auction deal has reportedly been made, this one by an 18-year-old Hungarian woman seeking to pay off family debts. The final price was £200,000, made by a bidder in the UK.

Reports Metro UK, the bidding started on eBay but was shut down by the company. Still,

the girl was so desperate to be allowed to sell her virginity that after the bid was closed down on eBay she wrote to papers like the Huffington Post, The Telegraph and The Sun and to celebrities like Lady Gaga and Madonna, attracting enough attention that some of the original bidders were allowed to continue offering bids via email.

So, assuming this deal goes through and some idiot thinks it's worth $318,000 to be the first to put his penis inside her, she'll be able to take care of her family and possibly medical school. Happily, no word on requiring hymenal authentication, which is (say it with me) meaningless anyway. Also no word on testing the dude for every known STI. I sincerely hope this works out for her. Nevertheless, the total creepiness of these dudes overwhelms me:

"Both men wanted to marry me take care of me and my family. But for me this was supposed to be a one off thing. Getting married and living with someone is a challenge I am not sure I am yet ready for. However I would really like the opportunity to go to Britain or Ireland. So who knows."

Who are these guys? Ecchhh. More posts about virginity auctions in our collection, and they're all pretty depressing.