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Hungarian virginity auctioner is vicitim of beating and attempted rape

In a truly disturbing turn of events, the 18-year-old woman who has been auctioning off her virginity on Hungarian TV says she was attacked by four men who threatened to rape her. The Austrian Times reported her as saying:

"They dragged me into an alley. They said they were going to rape me, they cut off my hair - but they ran off when somebody came by. They said they were going to take what they wanted for free. I was terrified. I have cancelled the auction - I don't know what to do now."

She went on to add that she's been very unhappy with the way Tabu TV, the pimp television station, has been running the latest iteration of this auction:

"During the auction process I did not have the possibility to monitor who made the bids and Tabu TV did not alow me to get in contact with the individuals.

"I wanted the person that won to know me - but all they have is a picture and I don't know them - they will be a stranger. I wanted a say in whom to accept bids from and whom not.

"I have had hate mail, the TV station has given out info I did not authorise, and now after the attack I am scared."

The press reports are framing the story like: Now she's refusing to sell her virgnity!' The nerve, right? Spoiling everyone's voyeuristic fun just because of this little attempted rape thingie? Can someone just give her the money she needs to settle her debts?