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Movies We Might See: "Easy A"

It's the line "I thought pretending to lose my virginity would be a little more special. Judy Blume should have prepared me for that" in the film's trailer that makes me want to see "Easy A," opening Sept 17th.

In a story takes some of its inspiration from the novel "The Scarlet Letter," Emma Stone plays a virginal high school loser who pretends to have sex with her closeted gay friend so he can look straight–which makes her look slutty. She then embarks on a lucrative scheme pretending to have sex with all kinds of guys so they can pretend they aren't virgins/gay/losers/whatever. Which makes her seem like a pretend sex worker, except that she embraces her pretend sluttiness by wearing a Red A. Even though she's still, you know, a virgin. Got that?

On the plus side, the film features Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci, Malcolm McDowell and Lisa Kudrow. On the minus, the romantic lead appears to be played by that pukey poor/sensitive guy from Gossip Girl. So, this could be really awesome and sex positive and smart. Or, it could reinforce every stereotype re: sexual boys are celebrated, sexual girls are reviled. And that would be really, really awful. Double feature with 'The Virginity Hit'?