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Some advice for first-timers, with man-parts and without

First from Em & Lo, a 34-year-old woman asks about making her first intercourse less painful:

There were times with one ex when I thought I was ready, but it would start to hurt, I’d get scared and then wouldn’t go through with it. I was wondering if I should see gynecologist and have my hymen broken ahead of time to save me from some discomfort. Everything I’ve read has said first intercourse sex is never “magical.” Could this help?
Suggestions from a gynecologist are here.

Then, from Jezebel, some first-time advice for ladies and their special ladies:

A while back, Social Minefield tackled the issue of losing your virginity. But as many readers pointed out, not all deflowerings involve a dick — herewith, some tips for your first time with a lady.
Tips from Autostraddle and others are here.