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Does your first time have to be special?

"I had vaginal intercourse for the first time when I was 15. It took place after school in a teenage boy’s room and was altogether very unromantic and uneventful. When I was researching virginity and writing about it for my thesis, I was astonished by how much pomp and circumstance people expected from their first time. 
While I don’t think there’s anything inherently harmful about wanting a special experience, I do think it’s dangerous to perpetuate the idea that losing it under unspectacular circumstances somehow compromises your dignity. It’s simply not true that the “magic” of first-time sex is irreplicable nor is it easy to delineate what even constitutes sex when you have purity pledgers engaging in rousing games of Just The Tip."
- Writer Lena Chen, answering a reader's question about how she lost her virginity. The reader recently had intercourse for the first time with someone she wasn't in a relationship with, and she's not sure how to interact with him now. 
Read Lena's full response at her wonderful blog The Chicktionary. You'll see and hear more from her in our film!