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Saving yourself for your handsome prince: Will the Royal Gynecologist be examining Kate?

When I heard that Kate Middleton and Prince William were finally engaged, the first thing that went through my mind was whether Kate would be examined by the Royal Gynecologist as Diana was almost 30 years ago. I was totally obsessed with Diana and Charles's wedding plans back then* and I remember reading lurid details about the Palace having to make sure sure she was a virgin before they could OK the marriage.

Given that Kate and Will have been living together for some time, her sexual status seems of little concern to anyone. (And in the age of paternity testing, do you really need to be a virgin in order to ensure your future offspring are indeed the Prince's spawn?) But Diana's virginity was a such a big deal back when she got engaged in 1981, worthy of reporting on along with the dress and the ring and the Cinderella carriage. So it's odd that after some searching, I couldn't find any actual evidence that such a test was ever administered.

In fact, people have gone out of their way to point out the test was a myth (of course, the ability to test for virginity is a myth in itself). Seems what the Royal Gynecologist was actually checking out was her ability to bear some heirs to the throne**. Not that her sexual status wasn't on people's minds. Even if she wasn't 'tested' for it, several people were kind and creepy enough to vouch for her chastity, and given that she was only 19 and not known as a party girl, the White Wedding Of The Century could go on as planned.

Poor Diana. She literally saved herself for her handsome prince–and look where it got her.

*In fact, my best friend Rosie got married in a wedding dress totally inspired by Diana's
** Which begs the question: Is fertility a pre-requisite for Kate marrying into the Royal Family?