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Talking bears share Abstinence lessons, Part 2:If girls have ideas, they will scare boys away and end up alone.

Here's the second installment of this genius series, created by Amplify Your Voice, an organization working with youth to change our dysfunctional approach to sexual health issues. We wrote about the first one here.

In this new video, our two  bears discuss a lesson from an abstinence-until-marriage program called "Choosing the Best." The message: If a girl shares too many of her ideas about dragon-slaying with her fella, he's leave her and take up with another princess, one who keeps her thoughts to herself. Seriously.

This is not some propaganda someone made up to satirize Abstinence programs. This is real stuff directly from the course materials, folks. Advocates for Youth points out that the program's own website claims it has reached more than three million young people in the United States with these amazingly sexist messages.

Since 1996, the US has spent over $1.5 billion on abstinence-only-until-marriage lessons like these. Now, as we've said many times, there's nothing wrong with waiting to have sex, but doing so based on these silly, misleading, and totally ineffective programs is a really big problem.

If you agree, join them by contacting your elected reps. It takes less than a minute to amplify your own voice here.