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This ain't American Pie: A trio of shorts explores male virginity

David Ketterer is a young film student finishing up his BA at New York University. He recently emailed us about a trio of films he made on subject close to his, and our, hearts. Here's how he describes the project:

"3 Short Films About Virginity" is a triptych of films describing male virginity past the "normal" age. I made them because I felt that virginity is a topic about which our culture talks very poorly. 
I wanted to have a virgin male protagonist who is not the awkward kid (e.g.Michael Cera) or the adult who is somehow trapped in his childhood (e.g. Steve Carell). For me, being a virgin later than I wanted to be has meant staying outside our culture's favorite topic of conversation. These films describe that mystery.

"Evening" is directed, produced, and edited by David T. Ketterer, written by Joey Abisso, shot by Michael Crommett, production sound by Alan Kudan, and starring Collin Leydon and Elizabeth Evans.

Check out all three films on Vimeo:
I. "Suit"
II. "Evening"
III. "Advice"