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Come Out as a Feminist on March 8th!

On March 8th, Harvard University is hosting their second annual Feminist Coming Out Day. Asking 'What Does A Feminist Look Like?" organizers Lena Chen and Abby Sun want to put a diverse face on feminism, and this year, they're expanding to high schools and colleges throughout the United States.

Of course, I love this idea, because I made a whole coming-out-as-a-feminist-movie called "I Was A Teenage Feminist." The film asks why young progressive people don't want to be called feminists–and I even have my own official 'coming out' at the end. (We're talking about including it as part of Harvard's events). So I'm totally excited about the whole thing.

Sound like fun to you? Here's how to join in:

Submit your own Feminist Portrait
Add your voice and face to the Feminist Portrait Project, Just grab some video or snap a photo of yourself (preferably including the words 'this is what a feminist looks like"), and upload it to the site along with a paragraph about your fabulous feminist self. They'll be publishing new portraits on the site and on YouTube for the next month leading up to the big day.

Go to the event at Harvard

If you're in the Cambridge area, Harvard has lots of stuff planned, and you can join them on-campus or online for more information.

Have a Feminist Coming Out Day at your school

The organizers are selling all kinds of merchandise and have lots of ideas for planning your own day here. All proceeds from this campaign go to fund their charitable partner, Bitch Media, the nonprofit organization that publishes the wonderful magazine “Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture,” which has subscribers in 46 countries and all 50 states. 

Screen "I Was A Teenage Feminist"

The perfect Feminist Coming Out Day event! There's lots of information about screening "I Was A Teenage Feminist" for your school or organization here. You can buy or rent the film, and even invite the director (me!) out to do Q&A, hang with your class or group or do a workshop on the dreaded F-Word. See a little clip below for a sample (apologies for the crap YouTube-y quality!)