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Thoughts on the value of virginity from 'Eat the Damn Cake'

"The truth is, I lost my virginity when I got to the point where sex didn’t seem like a big deal anymore. When it wasn’t a scary, exotic, grownup act, but one that seemed normal, accessible, and fine.
So it feels weird to even say “lost” when I talk about my virginity. I knew exactly where I was putting it.
The idea that not having had a penis inside you by the time you’re twenty-one, twenty-six, or thirty says something important about you infuriates me. The idea of virginity almost always fails to take into account other ways in which someone can be, and usually is, sexual. It fails to remember that not everyone is straight. It fails to value many people’s desire to take the time to build an intimate relationship before being sexual with someone."

From Kate at "Eat The Damn Cake." Read the whole essay, and then stay for the comments.