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Join the Feminist Virgin Blog Carnival

There's something really fabulous happening over at The Virgin!Roar right now. It's a blog carnival that founder missmarymax describes as an attempt to:

"amplify the experiences of feminists and virgins, as they consider them in their own terms. It defies a cultural conversation about virginity that does not include the voices of virgins, and asks how that conversation would change if we–the virgins–could speak for ourselves."

So, hallelujah! Wondering if you qualify? Well, because of the inherent difficulties of defining who is a virgin and/or who is a feminist, they're leaving things pretty open. I'm going to go out on limb and say that if you're a regular reader of this blog, chances are excellent that The Virgin!Roar wants to hear from you. But you can get more info at the FAQ page.

Check out these highlights from the current posts. They're all good, so this is just a sample...

From Fuck Virginity: Thoughts from a SlutVirgin:

"My inbox overflows daily with messages from the Feminist Majority, Planned Parenthood, and NOW. None of these organizations have ever called on me to fuck someone this weekend or dance naked on a bartop in defense of women’s lib."

From Virginity: No Excuses:

"It can be hard to own a status that some people may consider embarrassing, but then again, it will always be embarrassing unless people own up. Whether we were “too busy” or “career focused” or “waiting for the one”, we just did not feel like having sex."

From Clitosorous Rex:

"...the first time I got head I did not know what to do. He said “do you like it?” and I lied and lied and lied lying in his bed I was nineteen before I knew what a clitoris was. When I asked my mom we had to google it because I wanted to know where it was too, and she wasn’t exactly sure."

From Me, Virginity, and Society:

"Eventually I realized I was asexual, specifically grey-a. That explained a lot, and I learned, with fascination, that most of the people in the world can get turned on simply by looking at someone, can want to have sex with someone they don’t know. I realized, too, (one of the reasons) why I had found it easy to be abstinent– indeed, I’d never desired to be otherwise."

Also, definitely check out MissMaryMax's YouTube channel for some wonderful poetry videos.