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Ariel Levy writes about "My First Time, Twice"

"When we had sex, it became clear to me that in fact, I had never had sex before. What had happened on that futon on Great Jones had been a failed attempt; the young man from NYU had not completed my mission. This, now, was something else. It was uncomfortable, then pleasurable, but most of all it was different.
It was something that was better to do than to talk about doing. It was a door to another place, another way of being that didn’t have to do with language. It would take me many, many years to understand what I wanted from it, but I was so glad to know it was there."

Ariel Levy writes about the first [and second] time she lost her virginity (Thinking you have when you haven't is actually a surprisingly common story). You can read her entire essay at Guernica.