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"I'm not a virgin...Virginity is pretty much arbitrary"

Check out this rather adorable video called "Not A Virgin." The full lyrics are at the YouTube site, but here are some samples, sung to the tune of Madonna's "Like a Virgin." OK, the meter doesn't quite work, but he gets bonus points for working in the word 'heteropatriarchal' anyway.

I'm not a virgin
Because virginity isn't even real
Not a virgin
It's just a heteropatriarchal construct
Designed to police how you feel

We're not virgins
There's no virginity to steal
We're not virgins
It creates a hierarchy of sex acts
Where only the top one is "real"

Check out his other cool, if equally meter-challenged, songs "Fuck Heteronormativity" and the Gaga rewrite "Porn This Way."