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Virgin Mary sighted on a Spokane bicuspid

These posts are few and far between but always worth the wait. According to The Spokesman Review, a Spokane Valley dentist named Dr. Michael Trantow spotted something shocking on a patient's bicuspid:

“I was so startled,” the Spokane Valley dentist said of what he witnessed earlier this month after removing a patient’s crown.

“I told everyone in the office to come in and look at this.”

“I think there might be something there because I’ve never seen it before,” he said. “You always trust your gut reaction in the first two seconds and it kinda looks like Mary.”
“I’m a scientist first, but I’m also a human and there are some things that cannot be explained,” said Trantow. “And this is one of them.”

The dentist told the paper that "the image was made by what was under the crown: glue remnants, an old filling, tooth enamel" The reporter thought it looked more like Katy Perry, but I'm going to go with Che.