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Unsurprisingly, women are most into casual sex when think they will actually enjoy it

Psychology Today just came out with a story on a new study that says women are as likely as men to say yes to casual sex when they expect that it will be pleasurable. Crazy, right? From the story:

"Conley's work suggests that when the conditions are right, women are more similar to men in how they respond to an offer for casual sex than previously has been thought. The greatest contribution to explaining if a woman will accept an offer for casual sex is her perception of how sexually pleasurable the encounter will be"

The difference in interest between men and women comes down to this bit of data:

"Women generally have a more difficult time achieving sexual pleasure from a casual encounter than men. For example, recent work has shown that women orgasm only 35% as often as men do in first-time sexual encounters."

To me, this is totally obvious information, but I've never seen it stated quite this way before. That's not to say that all women want casual sex, multi-orgasmic or not. But we've been so overwhelmed with the whole 'Mars/Venus, women want relationships/men want sex thing,' that it's nice to talk about sex from a different viewpoint for once.

The study goes on to suggest women may also respond more to older men because they're perceived as more skilled. But (too much information) there is also something to be said for the refractory period of a young man, so who knows? They make small mention of it, but I wonder how these statistics play out when the casual sex is between two women? Thoughts?

h/t Cindy Gallop