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I went to SlutWalk and all I got was this awesome t-shirt [Updated with Caryn's comments!]

I had to share this photo from an article on SlutWalk NYC in Rookie because–OMG–check out her t-shirt!

My friend Angela told me there was a very cool woman wearing an 'I Was A Teenage Feminist' t-shirt at the march (she even asked her if she knew me) but when we looked for her later, we couldn't find her. What can I say? This is the kind of thing that totally makes my day.

I'm really sorry I didn't meet you but if you read this, send me an email and say hi!

This is very cool! I just got an email from Caryn, the woman in the photo above, who had this to say about Slutwalk:

Overall, I had a positive experience at SlutWalk 2011. I found myself smiling a lot while hearing what people were chanting. It was very much needed. I personally identify with feminism but on a grand scale like SlutWalk, it was especially intriguing to see all walks of life that (perhaps) do not necessarily identify with feminism but rather just find the need to voice against rape culture. This was comforting to me.

In addition, I was standing next to some that were dressed provocatively, not wearing shirts at all etc. etc. It was personally touching to see everyone counter the stereotypical 'angry feminist' that (unfortunately) often gets slapped onto walks like this. In my opinion, SlutWalk managed to bring a myriad different walks of life which helped hammer in the fact that everyone is totally unique, not all of the same gender, sexuality, race, etc. Also, that everyone just wants to be treated like a person and not as an object.

The photo is by Anaheed and the story where it appears was written by Lori Adelman. You can get your very own "I Was A Teenage Feminist" t-shirt here.