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"The Virginity Project: The Play" is being performed in London, and you can stream it or follow it on Twitter

Kate Monro's blog/book The First Time: True Tales of Virginity Lost & Found (Including My Own) has become a play (see the cast, above)! Better yet, it's streaming on the internet and connected to a live Twitter feed, so if you can't get to London to catch it, you can still 'attend' online and join in on the conversation. But hurry, because the run ends this Saturday night.

It's been at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London's Covent Garden from October 6-22nd, and the last performances are this Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday (night and matinee). You can also watch it online, or download it and watch later. Just go to the Camden Theatres website for more information. Note the time zone difference!

If you watch it streaming live, here's all the cool stuff Kate says you're in for:

It promises to be a truly interactive experience, a bit like how virginity loss should be, in theory at least. The audience will be taken 'backstage' during the show to learn more about the background to each of the characters in my book. In between the actors monologues, the audience will also be invited to tweet in their stories, thoughts and reactions. This material will be fed back into the show by the narrator. For the very brave, there will be the virginity chair, a place where audience members can come and tell their stories live. On Thursday 'The Twespians' - tweeting thespians of course, what else - will be joining the action. The show is produced by Chris Mellor and he's done a great job.