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The Virgin Diaries: Yet another group to exploit for ratings glory

TLC is doing a one-off show about adult virgins, and might spin it off into a series. Many people over 19 who aren't sexually active already feel like total social deviants, unfortunately. Just read some of the comments on this post. Now TLC is helpfully piling on with a show that "takes you inside the lives of adult virgins who reveal the challenges, truths, and anticipations of losing their virginity."

I haven't seen anything but the trailer, so I can't say more about the show. But judging from the reactions all over the blogosphere, people are already having a laugh riot over the subjects of the show. Especially over one very awkward first-ever kiss between a bride and a groom–because the rest of us looked like Johnny and Baby that first time we did it.

What I'd really like to talk about (re: awkward first kiss) is the idea why morality equals abstaining from all physical contact until marriage. Sigh. Yet another reason why we need grown-up conversations about the meaning and importance of this thing we call 'virginity.' Otherwise, all we'll have is shaming reality TV.

If anyone watches the show, especially all the older virgins who read this blog, I'd be very curious to hear what you think.