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From our readers: April from Gray's Anatomy is much more than the stereotypical 'older virgin'

I don't follow "Gray's Anatomy," so I'm really glad that reader TR introduced me to the character April, who also happens to be an older virgin. I wish that character was around when I was in my early 20s. I would have totally related to what she says in the clip above about wanting to make the first time special and then waiting too long–and then treating it like a normal thing that happens, not a freak show. (Unlike this other show I love to pick on) So, take it away TR:

I've been reading the blog for quite a while now and find it really interesting. You have a lot of posts about the way media portrays older virgins in movies and TV, and I was catching up on the last few seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" and I found the character of April Kepner in the show really interesting.

She is an older virgin (27), but this is no means the defining characteristic of her which I found incredibly refreshing. She is not portrayed as a looser or a freak, even though her colleagues tease her mercilessly on her virginity, in the end she shows them that there are things that are private and not something that should be made fun of. And the others respect her for it! After this one episode ("Superfreak") April's virginity is mentioned once or twice in passing, but other traits and story lines are much more important for her character development.

I just thought that this might be something interesting to look at as a positive media portrayal.

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