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[Hymen Week] Check out my story 'Regenerating Hymens and Bloody Sheets' over at Adios Barbie

Cable has Shark Week, we have Hymen Week (no dentata jokes, please)! All this week we're reposting some of our favorite hymen-related stories from the truly alarming to the very ridiculous. Share your biggest hymen and virginity myths here!

Ever wondered how an 'artificial hymen' really works? Wondering if your hymen could actually seal over during a dry spell? Well, wonder no more. I'm very excited about a post I just did for Adios Barbie called "Regenerating Hymens and Bloody Sheets: What’s Really Going On Down There?" Here's a couple of paragraphs:

For example, friends often tell me they didn’t bleed the first time they had intercourse because gymnastics or horseback riding broke their hymens. In fact, the bonk of a balance beam tends to get absorbed quite well by the vulva. Heather Corinna of Scarleteen points out that it’s more likely that, in the past, the threat of a broken hymen was used to discourage women from doing just these kinds physical activities.

As for me, during a long sexual dry spell, I’ve joked that my hymen must be growing back. Guess what? This can actually happen. In “Virgin: The Untouched History,” author Hanne Blank tells the story of a Taiwanese woman who had no less than three hymenotomies to unseal a relentlessly regenerating hymen. Even a sex ed film from 1947 tells us the hymen has nothing do with virginity, so why have the myths persisted?

To read the rest of it, go to Adios Barbie, a fabulous site dedicated to inspiring a body and self-loving world, and leave some comments. There's a bonus video on The Hymen Marketplace as well!