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Radio segment on 'Adult Virgins' is an antidote to reality TV shows, but couldn't they have booked even one older virgin who wasn't religious?

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently did a segment on The Current on Adult Virgins, which included one of the women from "The Virgin Diaries" reality show, who was Canadian. Host Anna Maria Tremonti moderated a conversation between 30-year-old Danielle Michaud, 42-year-old Tony Tarquinto, and an asexual woman identifying herself only as Sarah. The conversation was very respectful and honest, and it's worth a listen. My only issue with the show was that all three of the guests described themselves as conservative or religious, reinforcing the stereotype that only religious people delay having sex. I spoke with The Current when they were casting the show and I wish they would have considered one of our great First Person contributors, many of whom are delaying sex for reasons other than their religion.