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[Abstinence Week] Mixed message much? Saying no to sex by showing a guy your underwear

Cable has Shark Week, we have Abstinence Week! All this week we’re reposting some of our favorite abstinence-related stories from the truly alarming to the very ridiculous. This post originally ran in April 2011. Share your biggest abstinence myths here.

I have been rendered speechless by this 'not tonight' abstinence underwear and the campaign to sell it to tween girls. Thankfully, Ms Magazine has parsed it for us:

"It isn’t just dumb, it’s dangerous. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your children to choose abstinence before marriage; there is something wrong, however, with not empowering them with the knowledge and tools to make that choice and confidently communicate it to romantic partners. Without pulling down their pants...

This is ridiculously displayed in WWYMD’s promotional videos, which feature abstinence-friendly songs and wind-blown girls posing suggestively in their skivvies next to fully-clothed young men."

The full post is here and it's a great analysis how this kind of foolishness tangles up ideas of consent, education and communication.

It reminds me of a 'white panty' photo shoot we witnessed on the set of Barely Legal, which makes virgin-themed porn. We were there shooting our film, and the similarities feel beyond creepy.