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V-Card Diaries: NHAB "I never thought I would be a 30-year-old virgin. I thought it would "just happen."'

Today we're highlighting NHAB from the Western US who hasn't had much luck meeting potential boyfriends, despite some obvious awesomeness. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. Tell us about yourself:

I am a stylish and independent heterosexual woman about to turn 30 who lives in the Western United States. I have a Bachelor's Degree and work full time. I enjoy reading, music, history, fashion, lattes, learning new things and going to indie films–among other things.

How do you define virginity?

Never having sexual intercourse. I'm on the fence about oral sex.

Tell us your story

I never thought that I would be a 30-year-old virgin who has never had a boyfriend or even full on made out with a guy. I always thought things like that would "just happen" whenever I would have my first serious relationship. I thought maybe in college or through work or through 'mutual friends.' Well, that never happened.

I see it as a combination of my personality (quiet/introvert/non-flirtatious) crossed with circumstance (work in industry with crazy hours and lived in places without a lot of single people around my age), crossed with possibly Western society focusing more on sex as opposed to relationships. Although I was never the hot chick in school or even the hot chick now, I put effort into my appearance so I can feel better about myself and maybe not look like someone as inexperienced as I am (if there is a look of inexperience that exists).

Although I grew up Catholic, I wasn't one of those people that wanted to be married before having sex. I figured I was being realistic. A lot of people over a certain age are virgins for religious reasons, but not me. I can't get a first date, yet alone a boyfriend. Plus, I am not going to have sex on the first date or the third.

Whenever I see a couple in the street–especially ones around my age–I wonder how they first met and how they were able to connect. Seeing that is the only time I ever get jealous. I almost want to do a survey where I randomly ask all the couples I see how they met.

Even though I have friends, they are all married and have nobody to hook me up with. I am popular at work, but once I leave that job chances are I'll never talk to them again. I do a lot of things by myself and see good looking men wherever I go, but have no idea on how to engage them.

I've checked out dating web sites but am not ready to do them seriously. Most couples I know did not meet online, they met in real life.