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Pssst...Wanna know a secret?


Psssst....wanna know a secret? There are lots of older virgins out there who are sure they're the only ones. We're exploring the shame and secrecy around older viriginity in the film, and it's something I talk about in two articles that just came out, below.

From an interview I did at HerFilm: "I could tell from our blog comments I had a lot of folks out there whose experiences–and even definitions of virginity–didn’t conform to the black-and-white stereotypes of pop culture...There’s a lot of silence around how and why and if we become sexual and I think these stories really help us all feel less weird and alone. I really could have used this when I felt like the very last virgin in art school."

From an article I just did for Adios Barbie: "Despite popular culture presenting a fairly homogenous image of young men as walking hormonal horn-dogs and aspiring players and pimps, reality looks much more nuanced and complex. I’ve heard from so many young men who would rather have sex for the first time within a caring relationship. Are the pressures exerted by media images of masculinity becoming less powerful, allowing men to present a more authentic version of their own masculinity?"

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