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Amazing news! We're giving away a copy of 'Forever' signed by Judy Blume!

Above L: Therese is having a hard time letting go of the book! R: Judy Blume's inscription.

In case you missed our mass email:

The legendary Judy Blume has just donated a signed copy of her classic novel 'Forever' to our Kickstarter campaign! I was so tempted to keep it for myself, but instead, I'm giving it away as a very special thank you.

We're going to draw one lucky winner from all our backers who pledge $100 or more. Make your pledge or increase your existing pledge by Friday at 6pm (EDT) to qualify. You can still pick a reward-the draw is a bonus. We'll post video of us drawing the lucky person's name to our Kickstarter page on Friday night!

Judy Blume wrote 'Forever' in 1975 because her daughter asked for a story about a teenage girl who loses her virginity and doesn't die–and it quickly became one of the most banned books in America! Judy has been an anti-censorship activist ever since.  I grew up with Judy Blume and I remember spending Grade 6 passing around her books from girl to girl. And now this signed copy of 'Forever' could be yours for your pledge of $100 or higher.

In the spirit of Junior High, tell your two best friends to pledge along with you. You can take turns reading the book out loud to each other at your next slumber party.

We have only 6 more days to meet our $35,000 goal, and we need your help to raise the remaining $6601 by May 9th.

If you've been thinking of pledging, now is the time to get in on this amazing draw! If $100 is too steep for you right now, we'd be grateful for whatever you can spare, or for you to spread the word amongst your friends.

Thank you for your spectacular support!