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Check out "What Does Virginity Mean to Gay Men?"

We rarely get V-Card Diaries submissions from gay guys (c'mon guys!), so I was really glad blog contributor and fellow virginity geek Jonathan Allan told us about this post featuring several candid videos of gay men giving their own definitions of virginity. And guess what? They're as diverse as the definitions we get from everyone else! Plus there are a lot of diverse quotes as well, including this one which we especially liked:

It bothers me that there is a difference between gay and straight virginity. If you care about someone enough and are intimate with them for the first time, you’re no longer a virgin. A penis doesn’t have to go into a specific hole. As soon as clothes come off and you’ve got two naked people wondering what to do next, you’ve hit home run, baby. —Jon, nurse "What Does Virginity Mean to Gay Men?" at the Good Men Project