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V-Card Diaries: Berta "My sex education was completely different from the education American girls go through"

Today we're highlighting Berta from Barcelona, who recalls her sex education with fondness and first sexual experience as anti-climactic. If you want to tell your story, go to our submission form. You can find all our V-Card Diaries here. Tell us about yourself:

I'm a 22 year old from Barcelona, Spain attending college in New York City.

How do you define virginity?

I don't know, what was my virginity? I never really give it that much thought. I was more excited to have my first boyfriend than to lose it to him. He was in fact the first person that ever said he liked me.

Tell us your story

My virginity was lost in a Friday afternoon to my first boyfriend when I was 15. We were both so nervous that it kind of didn't go right the first time. I think he was more nervous than I was. Looking back it was a little pathetic and short and not as pleasant as sex is today.

But it wasn't that big of a deal, I did told my friends and it was kind of special but I didn't feel different or grown up.

I guess it's because my sex education was completely different from the education American girls go through. The first year I entered high school I was 13, and every year until graduation we had a sex ed day. Some men and women from the public health department came into our class and taught us about condoms (they even gave us samples), diseases, pregnancy and sex in general.

The first year it was special since after the introduction on sex, diseases and different contraceptives methods they put girls and boys in different classes and teaches us (the girls) about our menstruation, and what we should expect our first time.

It was totally embarrassing and I had tons of question that of course I didn't ask because talking about sex was and is taboo. A year after the same women came back and they told us all about condoms, contraceptive methods, diseases, etc all over again but this time they add a school trip to the nearest public health center where they explain what they did, what we should do if we had unprotected sex, but more important they remark that they were here to help all of us, girls and boys, and that we could come anytime for question, revisions or the day after pill.

I remember they seemed really nice and it was comfortable. At the end of the trip our homeroom teacher told us we will be doing an essay about contraceptive methods for men and women and diseases. So basically at the age of 14 I had to Google all about safe sex and what happens when you don't use a condom. The pictures scared me even more than I thought.

At the end when it was my turn, it didn't feel forced and I knew that I should use protection and where to get it. And even after I lost it those nice women came each year to my school and update us on the latest about safe sex. Because we were teenagers, at that age you are changing and your hormones are working 150% is almost impossible to prevent sex but you can make it safe. And I think that is the most important thing.